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Hi and Welcome! I'm Rebecca! I'm a Northern Virginia Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer with a strong connection to my southern roots and an intense love for travel, good food and entertaining! I'm so happy you're here because there is nothing I love more than  capturing the joy in all of life's moment's, no matter how big or small they may be. 

I haven't always been telling stories behind my camera, but I have always been a story teller. I have an extensive back ground in theater; I started performing in middle school, studied directing in college and now I also own and run a children's theater company. I love looking at the world from different view points and my passion for photography has become an extension of that love. 

When I'm​ not working, I adore traveling with my husband, Brad, be it on spontaneous road trips to our favorite local DMV spots or to places all over the world. I love reading - I'm a huge Harry Potter fan - and I can turn any bad day around after singing a few songs from my favorite musicals.
Want to know more about me?! Check out some of my favorites below or send me a message. I'd love to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and chat! 

Countries I have traveled to





Number of Weddings I Take Each Year

times I have read the
Harry Potter series 

cups of coffee I drink
 per year! 

My Favorite Things 

Brad and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this year but we have been together since I was 19 years old! We met in college and I knew right away that he was my perfect match. We are polar opposites but definitely two parts of one whole! 

My Husband, Brad 

Our kitten, Juliet is our sweet rescue baby! We adopted her as a kitten when she was just five weeks old and she is such an important part of our family. She greets us at the door every day and follows me everywhere around the house! We typically have to face off for the chair in my office and you can guess who usually wins that battle! 

our fur baby

I like cupcakes. But, I absolutely ADORE Georgetown Cupcake's Banana Split Cupcake. Every year in August (they're a seasonal treat) I take a day to venture into Georgetown in DC to purchase one dozen of these delicious treats. I eat a few and then freeze them, with the intention that they'll last me through the following year. Somehow, they never make it past my birthday in October! 

Banana Split Cupcakes 

Y'all, I love Mexican Food! Specifically Taco Tuesday and Fiesta Friday, but also any other reason I can find to eat chips, guacamole and tacos! Special occasions also call for chips and queso but lets be honest.. melted cheese can't be that great for my waist line! 

Taco Tuesday

Reykjavik, Iceland 
Kyoto, Japan 
Tokyo, Japan 
Calabria, Italy 
Rome, Italy
Venice & Florence, Italy 
Edinburgh, Scotland 
Vienna & Salzburg, Austria 
Nassau, Bahamas 
Cozumel, Mexico 

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